Azienda Agricola MAION Lorella

Welcome to our website.

Our story as grape cultivators started back in 1876, when the Durì living in Prepotto began planting their first vines, passing down the trade father to son. Lorella Maion entered the business in 1989 and gradually increased our production surface up to the current 5 hectares.

Our vineyards are laid on the sunny hills around Prepotto, in Eastern Friuli, in grounds composed mostly of clay and marl, ideal for the production of excellent wine.

To date, most of our processing is done using traditional methods to ensure the good taste we are proud of:
With full respect to our Nature, we harvest our grapes entirely by hand, and oak tuns are used during the fermentation and refinement of our Reds, to give our wines the local, friulian taste.

We are part of the Schioppettino di Prepotto Producers Association, a niche local product of our area.